Meet Collis P. Huntington

Collis Potter Huntington (1821 – 1900) began as a young watch peddler but later grew into a wildly successful entrepreneur, helping construct the Transcontinental Railroad. But he wasn’t satisfied. Huntington also developed the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad which opened travel to the Virginia Peninsula in unprecedented ways.

Four years after those trains first chugged down the tracks, he turned his attention to a fledgling shipyard. The sudden availability of rail lines revolutionized export shipping, and soon a sleepy community gave way to the nation’s largest privately owned shipyard. Reflecting the rapid growth of his many ventures, Huntington incorporated Newport News as an independent city.

With steadfast determination, Collis P. Huntington transformed the culture of the Hampton Roads region. Those nineteenth century ripples are still felt today. That’s why we’ve honored his name with a brand-new Newport News housing development… a place where dreams turn to reality and imagination becomes vision.

It’s the Huntington way.

I'd like to follow the new Huntington Development.